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Think on these Things

The news is saying this, folks are saying that
Days that were gray are now turning black
Division gains ground as opinions take stage
Social media, the secret sauce is the pot of rage
Those who partake become sick with despair
The real pandemic spread through a different air
Unseen waves as stealth as sound
Not always seen but always seen but always around
There is a vaccine, but this one is not new
For over 2 thousand years it's best tested and true
Sample if you will Philippians chapter 4, verse 8
One shot to the spirit to set the whole world straight
Think on things that are true, honest, and just
Like the work of salvation grace gave to us
Things pure, lovely, and of a good report
Like a God with power of an imaginable sort
If there is any virtue and any thing praise worthy
Think about the promise at the end of the story
Let the world shake, but the church stand still
Stand firm on your Rock and follow His will
Those things you have learned, received, and heard
For the God of peace is faithful to His word
When has He failed you, or not come through?
Since when has He not done what He said He would do?
There is nothing new under the sun
No battle or fight that has not already been won
The lilies of the field and the birds of the air
Remind us daily of the God who cares
Think on these things, remind yourself
Look to the very present help
His grace, His mercy, His unfailing love
These are the things we should think of
J Moore

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Think on these Things