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Tear Stained Monday

It was a wonderful evening with you in my arms,
I felt like the old me again, full of love and charm.
To hold you, made me feel like you were holding my heart,
your soft touch I have missed so much while we are apart.
Thank you Darling, for your presence, your kiss and your touch.
You'll never understand what it means to me, or just how much.
I'll always truly believe that you are the key to my happiness,
my eternal sunshine, the antidote to my forever sadness.
With your head on my shoulder I can feel that you miss me,
just as your turn your head, look into my eyes and then kiss me.
Every second slows down, and my heart skips a beat,
I wish I could save this moment to play it later on repeat.
But then tears from her eyes as she slowly pulls away,
I can tell it is hurting her, but why she really won't say.
She just tells me it would hurt worse and leaves it at that,
another kiss lands swiftly, then I hug her and rub her back.
It hurts me too, but not as much as if it never occurred,
she doesn't feel the same, but I am still so in love with her.
That sparkle in her brown eyes that I always seem to find,
how when I'm with her, everything is amazing all of the time.
I don't think about the bad, or what could go wrong,
I am just happy, enjoying the moment, the best version of Shawn.
The pain goes away and I feel like the emotions have me glowing,
both in my face and my body language, my love for her is showing.
I put it on display, because I am not afraid to let her know,
but I think she got uncomfortable, saying 'it's getting late, I need to go'.
So we say our goodbyes, and I pin her to the wall,
one more passionate kiss before I start my long agonizing fall.
I ask her please don't go yet, stay just a bit longer,
but my request is rejected, and her urge to leave only gets stronger.
It feels so good, just to have her in my arms...
I simply want to hold her for hours, surely that can't do any harm.
To place soft frequent kisses on her forehead and shoulders,
to hug her from behind, whisper sweet nothings, but mostly just to hold her.
She makes me feel complete, and that feeling I've been missing,
it's not just about sex, or making out with exhilarating kissing.
I miss everything about her, way too many things to list,
but one thing that does stand out, is our sweetly shared kiss.
It lingers on my lips long after she has gone,
it sustains my heart when I feel lost and alone.
Another fantastic memory that I will never let go,
even though I woke alone, with tears of you on my pillow.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Tear Stained Monday