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A song without a tune


It might have been the music of a

Song without a tune, some words

Without a lyric, no voice on earth

Could croon. A perfect heartbreak

Moment, a sad song sung in G, with

Strings inspired by cold north winds,

That blow incessantly.

A heart that paved a highway, saw a

Chance to cut and run, a heart that

Claimed a passion for a job instead

Of love. A heart that wrenched itself

Away, to dwell amongst its friends, a

Heart that left a love behind to wonder

And lament.

I feel sure it was the music of a song

Without a tune, a fork that scraped

Across a plate, a shudder round the

Room. A melody macabre, a blues

Note ala carte, a 7th played with gusto,

A love to break the heart.

© Joseph G Dawson