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Drone Warfare

In ancient days the warriors
Met on the battlefield
In hand to hamd combat until
One side was forced to yield.
There was slaughter and plundet
Of some that remained
But, overall a battle was local
And relatively contained.
Then came the development of
Weapons of longer range
And the conduction of the battle
Quickly began to change,
But the combatants still cou;d
Meet and fight face to face
At least in those days they were all
Relatively in the same place.
Nowadays they maim and kill
From a thousand miles away,
A scaled up computer game that
Non combatants can play..
They dont see the chaos
They cause all around,
Dont see the bodies there
On their killing ground.

Afew miussiles despatched
A few drones deployed
A whole metropois can be
Very largeley desstroyed.
He who pressed the button,
Who tookso much life,
Can enjoy his evening meal
With his family and wife.

They will send troops in to
Their scenes of desolation
Troops to occupy yet another
So called enenmy nation.
Just another campaign medal
To adorn another unuform
Commemorating the defeat of
Those that didnt quite conform.
In the name of peace and freedom
In the caquse of justice that is blind
Devastatuion has been caused,
Chaos and mayhem left behind;
Out in the shattered nation
The defeated try to recover
As resentment seethes and
Bitterness soon takes over.
The schoolyard bully of the world
Whose order has been imposed
Will sigh with satisfaction as
Another case is considerd closed.
Out of a people that have been
Battered, maimed and torn
The seeds are sown and growing
For a new resistance to be born.

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