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Beauty is what we see all by Ourselves”



You have what you want to hold unto

You need nothing but what you are holding

unto at this moment.


There is no need to think further, you already

know what you want you always have.


When everything came to a point of making

no sense at all, you never cared, you lived

each moment the way it was, and found

out that each day always took care of



There was never a day that you lived that

you were not grateful for. All the clouds floating

in the sky, the birds singing, the smell of

fresh air, the fragrance of the flowers.


Everything was too perfect to ever carry a

frown, only the saddest of people frown

cause they cannot understand why things

are not going their way!


Why that thought could ever enter a

day of beauty, that really confuses

my peaceful heart!


Living is bright in our souls when we

decide that God gave us the best he

could, to put a smile on our faces and

love within our hearts.


So when we happen to think of something

that makes us want to cry, there must be

a good reason we need to shed the tears

One moment we forget to be grateful

for all we have, are the moments we

forgot to thank our Heavenly Father

for all he gave us.


Each day is another day, we smile light up

another heart to shine around this world

who never really knew how to be happy

for the simplest of things.


Being just us alone is a miracle, that was

put here on earth to love, shine, and just

being happy we are who we are!


There will never be another us, so we

might as well live in the now, fill our

hearts with love, watch a beautiful

rainbow appear after a summer shower

of freshness!


Each moment is priceless, we must

learn to love and appreciate each

second, cause that is all we have

and ever will have.



Harriet Alexina Shea(DerenaBree)


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