Donít call any names

Each time we kiss, your lips are warm like a summer day.
Full and deeply sweet like plums in May.
Watching you walk is like the wind blowing in treetops and through tall grass blossoming wildflowers.
Your thighs are two powers, livewire at all hours,
cathedral arched under your whispering hips,
speaking without words nor lips.
Full sails, full sails, ocean deep sea sailing grip.

I see in your stance, a sultry lift,
generating vibes of energy drift.
Magnetic attraction drawing in action.
Near you sparks orbit gaining traction.
Atoms colliding, riding, and inciting.
Heart fields sync, as walls melt down,
with you I am ready to go to town.
Only the brave at heart will not be appalled,
at your resting bitch frown and rebuffing stall.

Your magnificent chest a battlement to invade, but one must meet the grade and only after your bade.
Your stomach a battle shield that only a worthy warrior his sword against may wield.
In such a deep fertile field, only the most vigorous plowing will fruit yield.

As your shadow turned, outlining your shapely strong back,
and your rear a lifted rugged spread, a dare not to dread,
inflaming desireís passion to knead that bread.
Everything in you and about you is alive not dead.
Bright, bold hair storms about your beautiful head.

No one can swelter and simmer quite like you in your skin.
Just a glimpse of you makes my thirst drink.
Your beautiful face makes me blink and blink.
I inhale your skin like purest mink.
As I look in your eyes, you charge up full, to the brink.
I drink and drink and drink you in, tattooing in passionís ink.
We will skate hard your rink, and afterwards, earthwards sink,
again, with gravity to link.
As your sweet breathe bathes me in earthly dew,
we float higher and higher anew.
Your voice a deep vibrating timbre and grind,
all woman you limber like wild timber in the wind.
We wind up and up in one great big win, then grin.

CI-483893544 Knight Truelove Poems