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The Power of Hallowe’en


Do not think me insensitive to thy plight,

The hour cometh that cannot be delayed,

Nor can it be forestalled, I would save

Thee from the night to come if I could,

But I cannot. The time of year is not lost

On me, nor is the sensation of dread

Attendant upon the approaching sunset.


Moonrise will see much fear amongst the

Young and the old, few if any will escape

The eyes that watch from the shadows, the

Fingers that reach out into the night, and the

Cloaked figures that loom large in wait of

Those foolish enough to stray where light

Is scarce and worry lurks in breathless

Anticipation; for this is Hallowe’en.


Oh fiddlesticks to such thoughts… for

There were none in the heart of Patricia,

A happy witch who, on this occasion, had

Set her heart on securing the attentions of

The one she loved with all her heart, and

What better time to improve the fortunes

Of her bottom drawer than Hallowe’en;

When at her disposal where the means by

Witch the compass of love and desire in

Another, might be conveniently swung in

Her direction.


Sunrise on the 31st found Patricia in the

Happiest of minds, out early she visited

Little known shops, in little known places,

Some situated in the woods, others hidden

Away behind waterfalls, whereupon a tap

On a door with the tip of an umbrella gave

Rise to a whispered ‘come in, you’re Very



Here were the shelves that held precisely what

Patricia was looking for, and from where she

Carefully selected the necessary ribbons and

Spell-ready ingredients with witch to prepare

A delicious irresistible philtre, a love potion,

The key to a man’s heart, a witches cocktail, that

When sipped by the man it was made for, would

Turn an already exciting night into a celebration

Like no other before.


Clearly, there is a much more to Hallowe’en

Than darkness would seek to conceal, and as

A worried moon peered over the horizon, one

Might be tempted to ask ‘Did the philtre work?

Was it as effective as Patricia hoped it would be?

Well yes, of course it worked, all magic works,

Especially at this time of year; one sip and he

Was hers before the cup left his lips, but then

Patricia already knew what the outcome would

Be, never for one moment doubting the power

Of magic, nor for that matter, the power of



© Joseph G Dawson


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