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Only lovers left alive.

Aroused by a breeze
Pleasantly honeyed
Rising trance like
His body is carried.

Up to a voice
Where a form appears
With robes flowing
Licking the air.

Motioning gently
Ascending words
Soothing a soul
From ponderous hurt.

A face is cupped
Drawing poison
As Arms collect
A once pitiful person.

With eyes closed
An emptiness fills
Within this womb
Of love ‘he feels'.

One last sting
Soft as a breath
She takes his soul
A courtesan in death.

An eternity of love
In a moment born
Till time's decay
Should stop the dawn.

Eyes meet knowingly
She takes her leave
With all her love
For him to give.

So shall he be
Collecting another
To take the pain
To be a lover.

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Only lovers left alive.