Wage full war on the enemy now

The evil kingdom floating in the second heaven and its fallen denizens,
there be the origin of all evil under heaven.
There be the enemies of God and man,
in dark matter spirit world, evil perpetually plotting plans.

Against them we must stand and overcome, we of the victorious superior Kingdom,
pulling down every enemy fortress after enemy fortress, we of the Kingdom of triumphant dominion.
Soldiers of God and children of the one true Light,
advancing, advancing, advancing our Kingdom’s progress in humility and might.
We take the fight to the enemy; this is no time to be hesitant and pensive.
We shall win this war on the offensive; no war is won on the defensive.

To the fallen we give no haven,
we siege and rout and chase the evil ravens.
In their hidden heavenlies they conjure witchcraft in high places,
spirits of wickedness occupying seats of power in the nations ruling spaces.
Evil earth men and women tap the evil heavenlies for position and power,
but all their schemes and conjuring will inevitably sour and they will cower.

They hate our beautiful human race.
Therefore, with our spiritual weapons of war we will them outpace,
and by the power of God and His grace,
we shall have overall final victory, despite their desperate haste.
Their evil master already permanently and forever defeated,
and sentenced by our Lord, through His Cross in full triumph repleted.

We attack now the evil kingdom hidden in the heavenlies.
We nuke the enemy with targeted prayer!!
We carpet bomb the enemy kingdom with proclamations and declarations!!
We run our enemies through on the points of our sharp two-edged swords,
as we launch the attack with the words, it is written, immediately hitting them with the spoken Word!!
We mother of all bombs bomb them out of their strong hold pits and fortresses with the word of our testimony,
verbally speaking out to the spirit world what the blood of Jesus Christ did for each of us and,
is doing for each of us now, thereby personally applying the blood on our dwellings!!
We uproot the enemy!! HALLELUJAH!!!
We pull down the enemy and all of their fortifications!! HALLELUJAH!!!
We cast down the enemy!! HALLELUJAH!!!
We cast out the enemy setting captives free!! HALLELUJAH!!!
We curse the enemy at the root!! HALLELUJAH!!!
We curse the enemy at the head!! HALLELUJAH!!!
We curse the enemy at the heart!! HALLELUJAH!!!

We are first class soldiers in the army of the Lord and against evil we stand.
We are assigned to actively administrate the total victory of our Lord over the enemy as He the Lord of Hosts commands.
So we shall, so we shall, relentlessly destroy the enemy and search,
until we cast the devil down at our feet absolutely prostrate before the Church,
by the grace and power and Spirit of the Lord, our fortress, shield and sword.

CI-327488136 Knight Truelove Poems