Bumble bees call up

Sun light bright, sun light bright, highlights the height of the Passion fruitís might.
The vine dressed resplendently for its social season to suit natureís reason.
Magnificent purple mauves, white, black and yellow coloring its flowering blooms.
Appearing now the shining big black Bumble bees to groom, maneuvering for room to extend their booms.
Wherever do they rest their heads when its time to go to bed?
Maybe they just go sonic and hitch a ride with the Sun instead.
They hover on power buzz in their pursuit of fabulous flowers,
gathering the golden particles during solar time power.

Soon there will be small golden suns wherever the vine may run.
Filled with liquid sunshine and on the fresh cool sun juice we would dine,
as the Bumble bees their delight would buzz and mime,
in their private social lime, enjoying silent rhymes.
We thank the Creator for creating such delicious passion divine,
and giving us this delightful pleasure sublime,
under the sun light bright, shining in its full might.
Watching the Bumble bees on their secret programed flight,
there is no mission creep nor drift, they all complete their airlift,
then rotate off shift, disappearing through bee worldís rift.
As we sip on the Sunís passion, savoring our drinks, in sunset fashion.

CI-352639920 Knight Truelove Poems