Cool breezy breeze

Early Sunday morning sitting by my window, in the cool no sleeves,
the wind playful in the eaves and the leaves.
I do love a cool breezy breeze, blowing the trees,
the Mango and Palm so calm,
the Coconut and Grape landscape,
the shrubs, plants and white and yellow wildflower vines entwined,
through the Lemon and Banana, stirring the periwinkles in line,
blowing straight down from the sky,
coming through my windows, cooling my sweet potato pie.

Fly, fly, fly breezy breeze in the sky,
your movements subtle and sly,
through my windows cooling the heat,
your lovely refreshing grace I greet,
lifting my curtains like glorious trains.
I almost hear the voices of the Sea and Rain.

Foaming the top of the sea waves,
flowing like a long cool drink through our tropical enclave.
How brave the wind today holding the Sun at bay.

We lay on our beach chairs, the pure white coral sand,
so fine and smooth in our hands, on this beach so fair.
The Sea at our feet a vibrating drum beat,
the crashing surf drumming a bass hum deep.
The wind singing and whistling a happy melody,
the Sea a sibilant spraying song,
the birds with harmonic voice overs come along,
the Sun lighting the stage of this breezy breeze page,
as we and nature in love and enjoyment engage.
In some shadowy cool, I take a nap and dream of whales.
I wake to see many bikinis of all colors and shapes on the scale.
So admirable their tails, the whales, as along they dive and sail.

We will play in the breezy breeze long no doubt,
until the Sun turns the lights out,
and as we watch the magnificent fiery sunset all will shout.
Bravo! Hallelujah! What a magnificent day out and about.
What a bright breezy sight full of light and might!
It makes me feel right and everything is alright.

CI-320023552 Knight Truelove Poems