Chasing sunsets

I remember many evenings chasing after the Sun,
on a mad dash down to the coast we would run.
For all the sunset fans it was a lot of fun.
Cutting the time just right to catch the horizon,
ablaze over the sea, full furnace color foison.
We would land in the sunset zone,
the beauty would make everyone groan.
We zoomed in on the fiery display,
wowed by the brilliant golds, reds, oranges, pinks and more,
painting the bedroom of this magnificent day we so adored.
It is fun galore on the shore, then we see the lore.
A golden path stretching across the sea to the beach,
an invitation within our reach, it would us beseech.
We step on the gold sprinting across the sea like heroes after a fleece.
Through the portal we hurtle feeling fast like turtles.
As the path receded sunset was ceded,
and to a new dawn we acceded.
As we landed our legs now fast like hinds,
glad we had left the slow world behind, escaping gravity’s grind.
A new dimension for us to acclimate, traveling through each new sun path gate,
as the sun sets in the evening late and fans rush to their desires sate.
Some meet old friends and find new mates before the Sun exits its gate.

Lamentations for those who are late, you may have missed the Son’s date.
I feel your sorrow and regret heavy like a metal grate,
but have a drink in the Word and your disappointment abate,
until next sunset when you can migrate.
Although it is superior best to let the Son rise upon you after his healing fashion,
and this will surely save you from the cares, tears, fears, and pain of worldly passions,
and sinful adhesions giving rise to spiritual lesions.
The world’s malfeasances are deadly poisons darkening your horizons.
Do not miss the Son rising on you during this your living season,
by grabbing at the world’s swan songs, rationalizations, and reasons.
Find the path, meet your date before you come too late.
It is your eternal destiny that is at stake and your personal fate.
How do you rate my sunset chasing mate?
Wisdom says He is the way to the true life and He is the door,
the One who opens or shuts, after all your life chasing fleeting sunsets to the temporal shores.
There you will meet the Lamb who roars like a Lion,
at the mighty gates of the city Zion.
Will the Son for you rise or set?
Be sure, you don’t want to bet,
on how for you eternity will set.
Celebration, joy, festivities, and reward for those who are called to the first Resurrection.
They made their election sure and dodged the judgement of the second Resurrection, through their wise predilection.

CI-335198238 Knight Truelove Poems