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Life is full of oddities
Which can give it variety
And every now and then
Even cause some anxiety.
He was a man of character.
He trod his own path,
Kept his undies in the fridge
And his coal in the bath.
When she moved in she,d
Found that rather strange
But she hoped in time
She could help him change.
Her background after all
Wasn't all that posh
She could just about manage
With her weekly strip wash.

And every other month
He'd clear a path from the door
As he shovelled all the coal
Onto to the bathroom floor,
And he very quickly learned
Rinsing the bath was a must
Otherwise her bath water was
Full of floating coal dust
And so they'd proceded amicably
Until things got a rather strained
She'd tripped on a lump of coal,
One ankle being badly sprained.
But, theres always compromise
If you're willing and you”re able
And he started storing the coal
Under their kitchen table.

He found it rather strange
That she now bathed every day
But finally accepted that
It was her own peculiar way
And he so very quickly went,
And changed his own attitude
When night after night, after night
She eagerly displayed her gratitude.
Thus they progressd to
A happy happy life
And very soon after he
Took her to be his wife.
The moral of this little tale
You can walk your own path
But if you want to please your bird
Dont keep your coal in the bath.

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