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What are you doing Here?

The enemy has spoken
He has sent a decree
This time he is not joking
He is out to destroy me
This is not the first time
But it feels like the last
I need to make a beeline
And get away from him fast
I run to my failures
I disguise my faults
I grip tightly my cares
I tuck my fears in a vault
Searching for a cave
Or dark hiding place
Don't attempt to be brave
Just cover my face
What are you doing here?
I heard the Lord say
Allow me to steer
You are going the wrong way
You are not alone
As you have never been
I still hear from my throne
As I heard back then
Stand on your feet
I am about to pass by
The victory you seek
Is in the tears you cry
In a gentle whisper the answer comes
Block out the toothless lion's roar
This battle has already been won
Just as the battles you faced before
Go back to the things you were taught
Back to the word you first received
Walk in the victory that faith has brought
From the very moment that you believed
What are you doing here?
Stir yourself, stir yourself up and stand
A child of the King should never run
His power and might are at your command.

J Moore

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What are you doing Here?