A Synthetic Soul

Not For You

All these times you told me what I'm not.
Made me believe you're all that I got.
You held me up with my dreams and need.
Til I became weaker and fell to my knees.

You were almost there to break my fall.
But you didn't care down under it all.
You drug me down beneath your sea.
And now I'm drowning beneath your greed.

It was always you and what you believed.
My vision was clouded and I was deceived.
You use me now, you used me then.
And if given a chance you'll use me again.

You've molded me into who and what you want me to be.
But what you don't grasp I will make you see.
I won't break for you, I won't cave under pressure.
I won't bow to you, or listen to you lecture.

I won't take your s#!t or your troubles.
I'll slap you b!tc# you'll see me double.
I'm through with this; it's not worth the effort.
I hate you now more than ever.

I'm tired of the hassle, and I'm tired of this.
If I could have just one thing I would wish.
That I could go back in time and undo
the fact that I ever laid eyes on you.

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