Nature mornings escape

I like natureís early morning peaceful silence.
It is so free of noise and violence.
Separate from the cannibalization of civilization.
Free from the mind eating, soul killing social media nation.
Free, free, free, from programmed hibernation.

I float away with the playing wind through the treetops,
rustling through the hedgerows, shrubs, and grasses in flip flops.
So early in the morning, where does the wind breakfast to satisfy its yawn,
perhaps, we may all dine as guest of the dawn.

I enjoy the early morning flow before the Sun turns on the sauna glow.
Nature rolls in the morning slow, with a beautiful painted show, and gradually
with warming earth aromas to go.
The butterflies with their wings so white,
flutter and flutter through the early light.
Birds just blurring by on their first flights.
The wind singing in the trees and bushes and vines and flowers.
The birds harmonizing in songs as they in the pure dew shower.
Nature tapping along melodiously and the Earth humming with power.

Oh what beautiful sounds, symphonizing all around,
a caressing orchestra playing all the earthy ground.
I stand barefooted on the earth,
the planet charging me up on its hearth.
In natureís dance I discern full romance in every glimpse and glance.
Light and nature and life and sound one orchestra in symphony.
All one in divine living breathing singing harmony.
So beautifully enjoyable natureís early morning,
as each new day is dawning.
We wake and dance under natureís awning.

The mist so mystic and misty smelling.
The Sunís rays so gentle and mild.
The temperature cool and embracingly subtle.
The aromas of nature so soothing.
All the plants and trees their scents blending.
The birds singing in the newborn morning.
The wind gently, gently waving the fronds and shrubs.
The smell of the dew wet on the grass freshly refreshing.
The slightest slight trace of a drizzle in the atmosphere.
Nature is the best love out in the air and fields so rare.
Hear, hear, hear and welcome to natureís bountiful fair.

CI-449696225 Knight Truelove Poems