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And, so there was an emptiness, 

Barren, sterile devoid.

Imagine the unimaginable

An endless dark dark void.

An act of instantaneous creation

That rippled on and on

So before it got where it was going

The beginning had gone,

Moving ever onward,  spreading

A vast and nebulous globe

Speeding on ever faster 

A constantly expanding probe. 

At its centre a near emptiness 

In an act of  thinning 

As the expanding outer edges

Were pursued  by their beginning..

Chaos creation and destruction

Galaxies stars born and dying
Expanding infinities

Gravity defying.

At the epicentre 

Will there come a time when

In that expanding emptiness

The process will start again,

Dimensions and parallels

In a never ending race

To briefly occupy a position 

In the growing vastness of space.

Is there a place for a deity

In this suggested creation scheme

Or is it just a construct, a result

Of mankind’s egoistical dream,

To explain the inexplicable.



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