Riding A Difference's Horse, With Your Rights Stare...?

Purpose was a friend
In the stark and forgiving nature
Of a silent and, the rue of amends?
A route of rational aging, that has the future of curiosity...

To finish a weal, with premise and shared sides?
The tows of need, to welcome a charity we approach
In the name of wisdom, to see a care become why
And, the sulking need, of a reasoned reality to host

Profusion, in the name of superiority...
To wish the world a righter courage, if not selection's
World, the tale of acceptance and its dream, chastity
Has a collected spirit, that was a reach, in all's estimation?

Powers and cope, continuing on to the may
Willing with a response for each, of the kisses and hugs
Taken for a fool once, with the time to understand same
But the skip of mercy to the sighs, we imagine is a covenant...

Where has a glance at hindsight, been?
True to our sharing, time is a waiting worth, walls
Of heathen presence in the kind, is ours for what has seen
The simplicity of needs, we earned with the imagination of galls

Been a character of goodness, a hap of sensation
And its godliness, the turmoil of succinctly an irony found
Is a relationship with spare thoughts to seek, an intellect's frustration...?
With an hour to dance like this, is a ray of sunshine ours, or your sate of steps around, dreams

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Riding A Difference`s Horse, With Your Rights Stare...?

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