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Seven years they tracked it
Each day and night long,
The distant space mission
That very sadly went wrong.
It wasn’t that the operator
Had gone and forgotten,
Just he’d sadly eaten
Something a little bit rotten.

So he’d needed the loo
In a bit of a rush
And it was ages before
He dare stand up and flush.
The time to press the button
To switch the cameras on,
A crucial few seconds, had
Very sadly passed and gone.

That’s why the first photos
Of that distant alien moon
Were quickly created in
A laboratory sterile room,
And why the surface looks
Smooth flat and uncrusted
As though it was covered in
Seas of smooth yellow custard

They had to have a meeting
And that was when
It wa decided they would
Need to visit that moon again.
The button pushing desk was
In future to be staffed by two
Just in case, on the day,
One had to rush off to the loo.

And any food consumed
Has very carefully been,
Under controlled conditions,
Cooked in the staff canteen.
For scientists are only human
And after all is said and done
One really can’t help it if one
Has a sudden case of the runs..


The satellite is still out there

Adding to its tale  of glory
Snapping new bits of space, 

And enhancing a success story.

It’s successor is now following

And the button man has a mate

So this time there’s little chance

The camera’ll be switched on late.

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