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The Christmas Star

Imagine for a moment what it might be like if we woke

One morning to discover a mysterious new star in the

Sky, too bright to be a planet, and certainly not to be

Confused w
ith Mars or Venus; arriving overnight, and

Without warning, a n
ew light shone upon the Earth.

The Star would be headline news everywhere. Where

Had it come from and what was it doing? Questions

Without answers I fear. A bright new star suddenly

Appears in the sky exactly one month before Christmas.

What on earth can it mean, who sent it and why, and if

It came by Its own volition, what a remarkable


Scientists would be in a quandary as stories of a New

Nativity grew both in stature and number. Multitudes

Gathered outside keen to bask in the dazzling light of

This wondrous new heavenly portent. A power-star able

To stop the world in its tracks, able to make people stop

And wonder, and more importantly, take stock of their

Lives, their behaviour towards one another. Nothing

Scientific about kindness, nothing complex about

Extending a warm hand or soothing the exhausted

Spirit of a stranger in want of help; no formula needed

For that, no mathematics required to sum up love.

And thus a miracle slowly began to take shape. People

Turned away from their idols and looked to the star for

Fulfilment, and each day the star grew in intensity until

Everyone on earth felt the healing power of its light. At

Last here was a truth the whole world could see and

Believe in. The star could not be denied, nor could its

Presence be overshadowed by false rhetoric and pot

Shots from the sidelines. Soon places of worship

Everywhere opened their roofs to the sky, from where

A sermon of light spoke volumes of deliverance without

Uttering a word.

Guns dropped faster than bombs, and bombs like other

Man-made killing apparatus fell silent, laid to rest as

Soldiers knelt with their former enemies to gaze at the

Star, a second coming had truly come to pass, not as

A man, nor as a woman, but as a miraculous, all

Embracing, Christmas Star.

A peaceful Christmas to all

© Joseph G Dawson


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