Oh What A Place New Jerusalem

When we see the glory of the new coming down
and we that endured to the end are granted entrance;
can you imagine a place where every street before your eyes
is filled with the clearest of gold.

A place where you can walk anywhere without
the fear of being robbed or physically harmed.

A place where you have no fear of being murdered
for race, injustice or any other senseless indifference
amongst each other.

A place where sin doesnít exist.

A place where the heart doesnít wax cold
and everyone can join hands and worship
the great I am as brother and sister.

A place where your old body thatís filled with pain
and infliction has been changed in a twinkle of an eye
by the Lordís perfection.

A place where time isnít a factor,
and Godís glory is so bright
that thereís no darkness ever to ascend upon.

A place where thereís an everlasting flow of living water,
and where a Tree of Life, which bare twelve manner of fruits

A place where thereís no enemies to bare a false witness,
to hold hate towards you nor to covet the things of their

A place where you can see the true colors of amethyst,
a sapphire, a diamond and other precious stones in rows
to be seen in the Lordís omnipotent presence.

A place where thereís twelve gates
and each gate has its own pearl
that sparkles as bright as anything
human eyes have ever seen.

A place where all the saints from the day of creation
until our present dwell amongst us.

A place where the tears from our crying eyes
have been wiped away,
and where death has fled from us
to no longer exist.

A place we can finally call home to rule and reign
with our benevolent King of Kings and Lord of Lords
for a thousand years.

Oh what a place I tell you.
Oh what a place, New Jerusalem.

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Oh What A Place New Jerusalem

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