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Written by Stella mitchell 
December 2021


God of Heaven - You - yes
You - came down into this fallen world 
And placed Yourself - as weak and vulnerable
Within a baby's skin - earthbound and needy - so
That You - yes - You alone - could one day
Redeem mankind - and pay the
Costly price - for all
Our sin .

For - no-one else could
Pay such a price - or love with
Such great love as You - for no-one
Else was sinless - or so selfless - to willingly
Obey the Father's great design - or
Do - what only You 
Could do .

For -  our  human
Blood was  tainted - from  that 
Catastrophic day - when the first couple
You created - disobeyed You - and gave their
Security -  and  trust  in
You away . 

But in Your mercy - and
Your loving grace - You planned 
That You would walk this world - as Fully
God - yet fully Man - and then - one day - would 
Take our place - and suffer on a cross - for
Our sin - and our disgrace - as 
God's most perfect
Lamb .

And so it was - on that 
First Christmas day - a baby's
Cry was heard - that - would herald in the 
Mighty Saviour's birth - the One 
Who was - and is - and is to
Come - the Creator of
The earth .

The One who is the 
Mighty Lion of Judah - and 
The Bright and Morning Star - the 
One who was worshipped by the humble
Shepherds - and the Wise men 
Who travelled from
Afar .

The One who healed the 
Blind - the lame - the lepers - and
Gave the deaf and dumb the ears to hear
And voice  to  sing - Glory to God  most  High 

yes - Glory - Honour - Strength  and Praise -
To Jesus Christ - our Saviour - and
Our King .

He is no longer in a 
Manger - nor far across a 
Distant sea - but - for all who will 
Accept Him as their LORD and God - He
Will come and dwell - and reign 
Within the hearts - of such 
As you - and
Me .

So - this Christmas - share 
His love with others - so that they
Can know it's true - that the Greatest
Gift is not from Santa Claus - but from father
God  Himself -  who  gave His  own 
Beloved Son - because of His
Great love - for me
And you .


Dear friends .. can you imagine such great
love as that ? 

God Himself .. paying the price for our sins

All because of His love for a lost world .. and
He wanted to  Redeem us  back to Himself
and only His sinless Son could
pay such a price..

God wants us to spend Eternity with Him 
in Heaven .. and Jesus is the only way 
back to His Father .

So I pray that many will turn to Him
before it is too late .

Many blessings to you all .



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