Did Baby Learn To Ask About Your Destiny, Decency?

Talent zero
Willingness shied by the cold, shoulders and ire
Through the spoken wishes, we fell for
A hatred of excuses and marvel's, we dote are powers, ours...

Prayers in a far away church
The tale is one of exemption and loss
Totaled with a curse in vague worlds, the tenacity
With a strange ache, ably the conversation of the odds

Sakes alive, say the dancers
Zero in love, with a daydream we few
And make smile, the count of vex, notoriety's answer
Will a quiet island to ones health, make liberty all too soon?

Christ in the hall, christ in the destined faith
Fruitional, the cares of another spate priest
Sweat for simple, sweet for discipline, the curiosity of views make
Made for a languishing mere, had better come forward and cease...

Dance with us like a fool was, sent for an acquired sincerity; security
Time is a rolling thunder, that comes and goes like we were the lands
A body of cope, consideration and charisma; known for worth's curiosity
The tattle trail of purpose, is in our future, our hands

Shared, no shrewd limits, to a waiting house
Taken for seldom and its rational lip
The tooth of exaction is a wish of mine, a sanity of thou
And a new life, that has a lesson to keep a finished star to stop by and see, it

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Did Baby Learn To Ask About Your Destiny, Decency?

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