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Learning From  History

In the mid twentieth century
We copied  copious notes
To be regurgitated in exams
After being learned  by rote.
Just a recording  of hard facts,
No speculation on the mystery
Or motivation of the incidents
In our studied period of History.
Children of the workers
For the most part
Carefully selected
To be given a start
To provide factotums that allowed
The  commerce and the State,
In a class ridden capitalist system,
To efficiently and cheaply operate.

And thus for many years
We had the accepted situation
Of a compliant, controlled,
And mainly subservient nation.
Came the information Revolution
Which so very quickly seeded
The rapidly expanding situation
Where greater learning was needed.

The Universities were there
For the ambitious to get
The knowledge required but
At great accumulated debt.
Ostensibly we progressed,
The graduate class  thrived,
Carefully conditioned to ensure
Capitalism so easily survived.
Since the mid twentieth century
Studies have shown
Far from reducing, the wealth gap
Has expanded and grown.
In  my old age I've time to ponder
On that  fascinating mystery
Why the lower orders never
Learn from the lessons of History.

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