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 Reflections of My Heart

Watcha Gonna Do ღKKLღ ღKKDღ

Whatcha Gonna Do

Its friday nite... Home from a rough week
finally able to rest my weary head
so, not feeling well, I decided
an early nite and off to bed ღKKDღ

In my defense you had been sick
to the Dr. you would not go
You mentioned nothing of early bed
Now how was I to know? ღKKLღ

Had just hung up the touch screen cell
from our usual nightly call
Left the phone on the table on the porch
Which I never do
and was the biggest mistake of all ღKKDღ

On my end the cell phone rang
I wonder what Donna forgot to say?
But the only sound I heard was her A/C running
Donna ....DONNA... DONNA!!!!!
are you Okay?
No answer did I hear
and alarms began to come my way
I know I'll call her neighbor
She will go check on her
A few minutes passed and then the call
'I guess my knock was not heard.'
'Don't worry she'll be okay

It was about midnight
I was finally sleeping so sound
When suddenly Im jolted awake
with the loudest pounding sound ღKKDღ

Countless calls had been made by then
I think when we looked back they numbered ten
What is happening to my friend on the other end?
Every time I called and no answer I got
but the remembrance of that dam air conditioner sound...
Alarms left ... Sheer panic set in.
So I went to family
Boy they were lots of help !%#
They fueled my fire of something was wrong
And left decisions up to me
Donna ... Donna ...
I'm going to call the Cops!!!!! ღKKLღ

I sat straight up in bed
to lights flashing in my window
Pounding on the door
Hell I didnt know where to go
Do I answer the door
or just let out a blood curdling Yelp
When I hear 'St. Cloud Police'
'Are you ok? Do you need any help? ' ღKKDღ

Ok I confess
I called the Cops
With my story of my friend
I remained quite calm when speaking
to the officer on the other end
Then the fire was fueled........
'I think you have very good reason
To be worried about your friend!'
The tears began to flow
Once she had calmed me down a bit
I was told that the wrong department I did get
So another call was made
And I was assured officers were on the way
Now give me credit where credit is due
I didn't send an ambulance with them too... LOL
(That is what was suggested by the first officer
to save time) ღKKLღ

As I dawn my robe
wondering WHAT THE HELL
I sleepily stumble to the door
to explain 'Well I 'WAS' qutie well' ღKKDღ

Thank God you were Ok
But I still didn't have a clue
At home I paced the floor
Wondering ....
What more that I could do ღKKLღ

The nice police man asked
Are you ok... Do you know a Lesa Gay
I said I sure do
as I ask in panic 'Is SHE ok?' ღKKDღ

At that point in the night
That was quite debatable
I still hadn't heard a word
And my heartbeat was unstable ღKKLღ

The nice man asked
Have you talked to her lately
I replied Yeah about 5 hours ago
We talk nightly ღKKDღ

Yep we sure do
Your phone is always near
But in all the many years we've talked
I have never felt such fear. ღKKLღ

Well it appears she called
in much distress
and wanted us to check
on you at this address. ღKKDღ

Heck yes I was in destress!!
Countless phone calls with no answer
and me remembering NOTHING but that dam A/C
Calls to friends that thought I was possessed
Text messages and IM's between unanswered rings
Haunting thoughts of horrid things
.... And still no word to let me rest ღKKLღ

She was quite distressed
You better give her a call
Oh trust me I will
I know by now she is ready to fall ღKKDღ

You got that right my friend!
By now even the dog was asleep
I found myself alone to worry and weep
One more try ... just one more..
I'll try again. ღKKLღ

You see sir
Worry Warrior is Her nick name
and Im sure you dont have to ask why
and trust me this will give her great fame ღKKDღ

Worry warrior is my name
Emotions deep to bring my fame
A friend once died within my house
All alone while I was out
I couldn't stand to think you were alone
With no way to get to your phone ღKKLღ

He left with
'Mam Have a good nite'
As I dial her number
to tell her to hang tight

Hello Lesa..... ღKKDღ

Thank God Donna!!! ღKKLღ

We said at the same time
'Are You Alright?'

Meet my Mz. 'P'

The only thing I can figure out is as I stated
I left my 'Touch Screen Phone' on the table
next to Mz 'P's bench and Im sure since Lesa
was the last person I talked to her number was
still up on the screen. Mz. 'P' in getting down
from her bench must have stepped on the
screen and the rest in history... Trust me
my phone is now 'ALWAYS'
with touch screen face down and with me...
It was not funny to either of us at the time
but trust me we have laughed a bucket of
tears since then. Monday morning when asked
at work 'So Donna how was your weekend'
I told the story and people were ROTF....
I think she maxed out our cell phone minutes
for the month in just one nite...
Hey Guinness Book of World Records you just aint
gonna believe this one... I think she holds
the record for the longest panic attack ever....

We sincerely hope we have placed at least
a smile within your heart with the cherished
friendship we share ....

I mean what's a friend for
if they cant call the Cops on ya!!!!

Trust me when I get a text, because of
a missed call, with the threat of 'my finger
is on the nine dont make me push the other two'
She gets an IMMEDIATE call. Giggle

ღ KKL ღ and ღ KKD ღ

We do have so much fun together...

We are truly sisters from a different mister.

Original by
Lesa Gay aka Aspiring Angel
Donna DeLong Matthews aka Gold Pen Ghost
© (All rights reserved)
February 2011
Just another Reflection of My ღ

ღ KKD ღ

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ღ God asked me how long I planned on keeping you in my life.
I smiled and said...
How do I choose between always and forever...
But then I have found that's really not up to me... ღ

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Bob Marley

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