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i get that i might not be enough for you
not enough to hedge the bets
nor to cover all the niceties, the bases

or is it that i'm too much
too real
too available
not one you had to chase
but too easy
and right through the front door

you don't need to feel grateful
that i sent my eyes in your direction
you don't have to pay the bill
to pay the doctor to mend my broken heart

all i ask
if i requre anyone
anything is you simply
be here
and not be anything
nor anyone but who you are

for some simple cannot be simple
for some simple is FUBAR
what am i supposed to think is sitting there
in the middle
in between is not a place
i'd care to linger
i'd prefer to be in the thick of you
right inside your cookie jar

we can want
i can want
it doesn't make it so
wishes can't catch fishes
desires can't lead to more
and make it possible
if there's no two wanting to make it be

could i move mohammed to his mountain
could i stop the jonah vision
you have of me

sometimes we have to risk it
sometimes it takes the broken ones
who have the most to give and live

sometimes the broken ones
are the strongest of them all
especially when i've asked
and know its possible
but won't be delivered.

the broken ones
like me
are not broken
I've learned I had all the pieces
to my puzzle
inside of me
I didn't need fixing
my only flaw and fault
was i saw a star and dared to reach for it
and chance the fall.

legal copyright for this poem 1/7/2022 5:26pm PST, 1pm and some elsewhere
and also for this brave Poet Melissa A. Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted and registered
site title Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

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