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A Head'n South

A Head'n South

 Yeah breaker one nine
This here's the Aspiring Angel
Uh, you got a copy on me
Sweet Mouth, C'mon
Uh yeah, Ten-Four Aspiring, fer sure fer sure.
How's things up Reno way? C'mon
Well it sounds as if ole Buzz
Is again talkin trash
He give'n you a rash of S*** Sweet Mouth?
Yeah its a big Ten-Four there Aspiring
He is called in the Canadian Airforce!
Planning an escape as we speak.

We're steadily making time
Got your back Sweet Mouth
I'm bringing company!!!!!!!

Ten Four?

Its the dark of the moon
We will all be there soon
Then we'll see
How the Buzzard runs scared!

We're steadily making time
Even though I'm night blind
But we're growing in numbers
The further that we drive
Just a little outside of Reno
Head'n toward the town of Saint Cloud
In the great state of Florida
Buzz dare threaten my Dear Mouth?

We're going to bring that road kill down!

Cause I've put together a little 'ole convoy
Just a truck'n through the night
Buzzard he best be a praying
Cause if he wants a fight ... We'll fight

Pick on our Dear Mouth Of The South?
Ain't nothin going to stand in my way
I'm leading this truck'n convoy cross the USA
(Truckers getting mighty hungry)
This here's Aspiring
Ya got a copy on me Mouth C'mon
Yeah for sure.. for sure.. Little Angel
Uh Mouth .....I'm really mighty lost!
Stay calm now Angel
What made you think
You could drive
An eighteen wheeler?
You can't find your way
To the grocery store ...

I'm a calling on all friends from near and far
We now have about a hundred trucks in all
So advise ole Buzz we're on our way
And he's about to take one big fall

His begging for friends to help him escape
Well that doesn't mean a hooptie damn

As they sit on a limb
Watch'n all those trucks pass
Mouth is standing guard just wait'n
For the reinforcements on the way
Not a chance they will take that risk

Call'n all trucks ... Aspiring here
We're about to take a old Buzzard down
We ain't a plan'n on playing fair
Cause we got some bones to chew
Yep my friends and I are drop'n in
For a good old fashioned Buzzard BBQ
(Aint pay'n for no darn tickets neither!)

C'mon folks join my Convoy
Ain't nothin gonna stand in my way
I'm gonna lead this truck'n convoy
My friends are just itch'n to play

Florida here we come.

Breaker ... Breaker
Where the Hell are we????!!!!!!

Rubber Duck you want to help me out here?
I'm a long way from the drug store C'mon

Well my Dear Mouth according to Duck
We're ahead'n South on 95
We're gonna put Buzz in his place
I've promised all a dinner call
And they're hanker'n for the Buzzard's taste

We've heard Buzzards resemble chicken
He best cry uncle and relinquish the Golden Pen
Cause when we're done a pluck'n him
The tenderizing will soon begin

His pidly dab of reinforcements
shows where he got his fame.
The Great Canadian Buzzard
Now totes a ball and chain

Come on Buzzard ..
You should know by now
The Mouth when pushed
Sho can push back
So beg away you nasty bird.

I wonder what ole Buzz will have to say
When Kenneth goes a hunt'n fresh meat!

Yep he's riding Shotgun right beside me
Ole' Ma only had to give him a call
Cool Ma! ROAD TRIP! Yeah!
I was hope'n to be invited
To the free-for-all!

A stealing candy from
Such a pretty little Southern Darlin!
I think its about time
I pay the Buzzard a visit.

No one plays 'NOT NICE' with my Momma's friends!
Looks like I got some business to take care of.

Buzz? Heck yes!
He needs all the help he can get!

Buzzard man I'll tell you true
You best not keep a pick'n
On my Momma's friend!
Cause as you can see, I ain't small
And I don't always wear a grin

I've brought some friends
That have my back
We all work out at the same gym
I would advise you Mr. Buzzard man
To put your plan of escape
To peaceful end
So my Dear Friend as you can see
Our convoy is well on its way
We'll be call'n you again for directions
To find exactly where we go to play
A word to my sweet Buzzard
Was 'Canadian Big Birds In The Air'
the best that you could do?
Heck Yeah we'll have a feast

A few flying birds a threatening turds
Well have we got a surprise for you!!!
Pssst ... Buzzard Man, lookie here
I may look like Prince Charming to my Kendra

But Buzz

Your in a HEAP of trouble Son!

Ma, we there yet?
Fresh Buzzard meat!

Hey man ...
Do you taste like chicken?

Meet The Dueling Poets

Lesa (AspiringAngel)  Ray (Buzzard)  and  Donna (Mouth)

Thank you Donna for the graphics! LOL

Aspiring Angel

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