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Tom And Mabel

Just Tom and Mabel in the village,
No honorific ever known,
Too far down the pecking order for
Such respect to be shown.
Like so many in that village
My Dad and Mam worked on
A still almost feudal system
Wage slavery not gone.

Oh, they were respected,
Looked up to in their way
For their ability to work
An honest long hard day,
But, bottom of the pecking order,
Kept firmly in their place
Part of the lower orders
Workers of the Human Race.

Like any good parents did
They made sacrifices for their child
Which I realise now I repaid
By being unruly, rebellious, wild.
Somehow I survived
In spite of my attitude
And I really think i did
Try to show them my gratitude.

Tried to stand tall for my beliefs
Be an honest and reliable man
And, just like my Mam and Dad be
As true and honest as a body can
Still way down the pecking order
In my allocated style and place
I bowed my head to no man,
I looked them squarely in the face.

There were times of hardship
Time when it was rough
But like my mam and dad I coped,
Survived when the going got tough
It was that example they set me
That helped me to be able.
Still proud many years later to
Be  the son of Tom and Mabel.

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