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Ghosts of Memories

When you make your way back to Colorado one day, will it make you think of me?
Will you shed a tear for all the places we traveled, or for things we experienced and have seen?
When you're strapping on your board to hit the slopes covered in snow,
will you smile & remember that learned together in Red River many years ago?
When you start to hit those S curves and carve across those edges towards dawn,
will the S's in the snow make you think of the name Shawn?
If your new guy hits the park and starts to hit rails like me,
will his image replace mine forever, will he be the only rider you'll see?
As you gear up for adventure, I hope somewhere in there I will remain,
I know it's tough to ask, but maybe just a corner in the back of your brain.
As you straddle your Diamondback, and grab those bright green bars,
will you remember that our Diamondbacks took us to all kinds of places near and far?
On our way to explore a ghost town, with our little buddy D running alongside,
an absolutely pleasant memory to keep, but that's just the view from my side.
Whether you remember me or not, I will find new light and continue ahead,
dirt trails, tires, powder...just call me Shawn of the Shred.
When you travel back to El Salvador, will you think of it as a place I never got to go?
An unspoiled land that has never felt my presence, the place that still beckons you home?
As time goes on, how will you remember me? Will I be maintained with a polish?
Will you keep my memories fresh, should I even worry if I am someone worth you remembering?
Will my Latin dream girl remember that I was once her dreamy American lover boy?
Or will I be lost among shadows in the past, like a broken discarded toy?
Do you ever think of the distance, the events, everything that had to transpire?
Just so that we would meet on that one afternoon in September...
An exotic beauty from a tropical land, and a small-town boy with a troubled past.
Mileage, borders, language barriers, an age gap, even a civil war!
All of these obstacles overcome, just so I could smile at you while sending a fake fax on the 12th floor.
Please remember that this small-town boy always treated you right.
You were always the first and last thing on his mind, morning, noon, and night.
Speaking of night, if you're laying alone & start to fantasize,
will you ever think of me when you close your eyes?
If desire danced through your heart, entertaining memories of lust filled passion,
would you ever think of me, us, those scintillating nights when fingernails ripped into my back skin.
If you do think of me, will you recall your legs trembling and shaking, body twitching as your lips quiver?
That light touch on your naked skin that would cause goosebumps and shivers...
The surprise of a slap on the backside, before going back in?
Do you remember those nights, will you ever think of them again?
If you ever need a reminder, I will be right here.
But my fear is that you won't want to remember me,
and from your memories I will disappear.

Original Work by: Shawn A.
1/10/22 - 2:39am

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Ghosts of Memories