Before (lyrical narrative)

You knew nothing about your lowly beginning and even less about how you will end

Give it deep thought and thorough reflection and ponder if your good out weights your sin

No other person's death can atone for your sins

No one can bare the sins of another, Not a mother, father, sister or brother

Can you remember what you were before you became who you are, no you have no recollection

The migration of a dispicable fluid penetrating an egg. Then, transforming into a clot of blood

A single fertilized cell doubled then multiplied

You have no recall or memory of that
but the science behind this process only a fool would deny

So, why then deny the next life by labeling the

Resurrection, Judgement day, heaven and hell a lie

Without evidence you attribute to God that which is not true. Indeed that also is lie

You will pay dearly for such blasphemy when you die unless you repent

You have no memory of being formed from a clot of blood.

No memory of billions of sperm racing towards an egg

Yet, you arrogantly misbehave as you deny the coming of the hour and you deny life beyond the grave

This life is temporary, it is but a trial and a test

To determine who in conduct and obedience to God is best

A place to gain demerits or rewards from the one true Lord of lords

The Book speaks about mansions with gardens as a retreat

For the righteous servants of God to forever dwell

Those deceived by lower desires that are fueled by evil Jinn

Their skins will be burned off and replaced over and over again

Together forever they will all dwell together in that firey pit of hell

Life is not void of meaning. There is a prime purpose to this Earthly life

The Prophets including Isa the son of Mary never diviated not even by a slight

Worship the one true God that is without partner, peer or offspring

The King of all creation the Kings of Kings. The Lord of Forgiveness full of Might

Islam is not a religion. It is not anything new it is the same way of life

That Abraham, Moses and Jesus brought to you

Islam is a complete and comprehensive way of living one's life

Islam maps out a path of guidence for society, children, husband and wife

If life's vissisitudes have you fiend'n. Islam is the direction towards which you should be lean'n.

Islam is the natural way of life that satisfies all of humanity's search for purpose and meaning

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Habib Abu Lateef

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Before (lyrical narrative)