Part of Moma Dies

Nine long months of gestation,
Years and years of love, care and maturation

As quick as a blink of an eye you caused some mother's child to die

He calls out for her with his last breath as you choke

Press your knee to his throat and chest as a part of Mama dies

Blue shirts like white hoods have caused many a mother to cry

Government authorized homicide sanctioned by city, county or state

For some becoming a pig is a vehicle to exert their white pride

And the vehicle to exhibit the hate for others that they hold inside

Full of flaws living above the laws hiding behind tin stars

White cop, white car, a bigoted killer man like Zimmer man

No heart, no balls, a wild cowardly savage on the loose

Their badge and gun giving them authority to shoot and choke out life

Uses as an excuse that he wants to go home to his wife

Says he fears for his life. Full of flaws believing he's above the laws

He or she takes another black man's life... just because

Habib Abu Lateef

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Part of Moma Dies