Rest In Peace D.J

Everyone miss me now I'm gone
When I tried to reach out to you,you would not even pick up the phone.
Too busy to return a call.
I tried so many times to deal with it all.
I wanted to get help  I was so afraid to ask.
I did not want to be judged afraid people will laugh.
So many nights I wrestled with my flesh...
I could not carry this burden, so I thought it would be better if I left.
Tears in my eyes trying to cope with the pain.
So much pressure I nearly drove myself in.
I hate that I had to leave my family and my friends.
I couldn't hide anymore I just gave in
Don't ask what you should have and could have done.
Please look after my wife,daughters, and men please mentor my sons.
I love you  all in a way this is my goodbye.
I love you all try not to cry.
Hold you head up and go about your day.
Make time for the people you love because they too will be gone some day.
Written by Shondia Page
This poem was written as if these were his
last words

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Rest In Peace D.J

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