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I woke up hearing: "STOP COKE" (COLA THAT IS)

It actually has been a few months I believe and I never placed this on here and I'm sure I should have.
I woke up one mourning hearing "STOP COKE" That is unsual as the Lord Jesus by His Holy Spirit
will give a vision representing danger but I have never heard him say "Stop!"

Yesterday I ran across an article on which is a platform where at this time we
can still share the truth without it being removed, and I saw an article regarding Coke.
There was a recall after so many found metal in the drinks. You will have to look for that video.
However, I thought it important to share this video that shows that coke is being tested positive
for Covit 19.

It is time for us to all wake up and put our trust in our true creator who says wo to those who
put their trust in the world and its kings (Isaiah 29, 30)

Prepare your hearts for Yeshua/Jesus' return. He is just waiting for us to call out to him. God
our Father through Yeshua/Jesus by His Holy Spirit. Make him your refuge and no disaster
or desiase wil come near your tent. Psalm 91

See the Good News page on this site or

God bless you! JudyLea