Rhythm of the Times

I close my eyes and open my heart to see
My intention is to become aware of the darkest parts of me
I hold space for them to see it through
It is in my darkness that I grew
To patiently wait unaware of my fate
In the void I dream of dreams to come
Creating tomorrow as my heart becomes the drum
Singing songs of ancestors past
All of my shadows dance in a circle around the eternal fire
That burns at the center of my soul
They are wild and the are free they are the best parts of me
They are the sparks that ignite creation in flight
As I weave my sacred space within
My darkness glows passionate about the light it bestows
As my light is mesmerized and in awe of the beauty mystery
And courage this darkness holds
They acknowledge and accept their parts
Always honoring the highest of heart
Generating this synergy all parts co creating in unity
In perfect love and perfect trust I am whole
So I embrace this dance of divinity electric energy
Flowing through me into eternity

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Rhythm of the Times