Ramona Africa

Ramona Africa

An unbelievable day of brute force. Burning down an entire city block. Leaving eleven ameriKKKan citizens dead on sixty second and Osage.

Live on TV's action news and worldwide front page. Trapped inside an inferno🔥. Eleven humans died.

Black men, women and children, husbands, fathers, mothers and wives. Nobody but Remona Africa and a child that she held both badly burned made it out alive.

No pigs, no Mayor, no police or fire commissioner went to jail or had trial. But Ramona served seven years in prison for just staying alive.

In Philadelphia's Pig and mayoral history never before has there been such a colossal malfeasance in office. But still it's no mystery

Video captured and recorded official misconduct that outstrips any of the most fantastical dystopian Hollyweird scripts.

Meet violence with violence. Move on Move. Rizzo's goon squad kicking black butts and taking lives for a life but he ain't never burned🔥 no homes.

He killed one of his own cop then gets into a bad mood. In the mayoral shadows lurches a former Military Police Captain the villainous Negro Wilson Goode.

A tooth for a tooth. Chopper flys by dropping a satchel charge on Move's roof. Up in flames. The roofs on fire🔥Fire jumps, hops and skips engulfing the entire city block on fire🔥

Wilson Goode is an uncle Tom, a mass murderer and an inveterate lier. He gave the order to let the fire burn. Solidifying how he will meet his end. In that Fiery🔥 pit. He's in store for a world of shyte

Living proof sanity has died and madness survives in dystopian Philadelphia. City of brotherly shove.

Habib Abu Lateef

Ramona Africa Revolutionary War Hero and Survivor. Served 7 years in Pennsylvania prison because
Allah would not Allow the mayor and his pig force to murder her like they did her family. Although denied martyrdom she proved to be unbowed, unbound and unkillable. © 29 minutes ago    the • move • nine • wilson • goode • massmurder   

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Ramona Africa