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Did God invent man

For a Challenge

Or  man create God

For an answer?

We are created and recycled,
Travellers in time and space,
The latest accretion of stardust
Gathered across billions of miles
And the countless passed years
Since the Big Bang of Creation,
The Mysterious Spark.
We will drift and travel and, maybe,
In the tomorrows of eternity,
Become part of the creation of
A new born star in a fledgling galaxy.
Nothing is destroyed or lost so that,
In some form, we continue to exist,
Maybe even by chance become
Across the eons, a new sentient form
As the process cycles and recycles
Until the end, or maybe the start
Of an unimaginable new beginning.
The quest for knowledge and
Lack of answers as we strive
To know the unknowable
Is both awe inspiring
And thrilling.
Will our species meet
That knowledge Wall
Beyond which
There is no knowing,
Or will we have long returned
Back to drifting Stardust,
Just a minor, brief incident,
In a Cosmic progression.

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