Ali and Prince

Ali and Prince

Muawiyah and Yazid
Their names make me morose
The Ummayads served a purpose
This I will not deny. I rarely mention their names in any verse that I compose

At the battle of Siffin
and Karbala I would have fought flanking Imam Ali and died at the Prince of Martyrs side. Fesibillilaah

I'm hard core Sunni all the way
born and bred. If you have nothing worth dying for perhaps you are a gelding or already dead

The sunnah of Muhammad (SAWS) Is the only way. Iblis has mastered the art of division. He has taken up residence in some of our hearts. He, we need to slay

Muhammad was a unifier. We need unity to fight. Eradicating all schisms even in the face of death or prison we never take flight

World wide power to the Muslim people. This has been phophesized and I emphasize there is no might or power but He.

Allah is Master of the seen
and unseen. The Creator
of this Deen.

Habib Abu Lateef

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Ali and Prince