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Freedom's tombstone

As my knee touched the ground,
I found what I hoped wouldn't be found.
A tombstone there plain for all to see.
was what I hoped would never be.

A tear begin to fall,
As my heart no longer stood tall.
Please could anyone say,
How this could happen that day.

About it all we was taught,
for it many wars has been fought.
For it many tears was cried,
for it many had died.

Now, nothing can take it's place,
there will be no more smiles on our face.
I wonder if only we had stood up,
and said enough is enough.

You can't have it anymore,
We want back what we had before.
Each one you picked off one at a time,
Until none of our rights was left behind.

I know now that life won't be same,
as on that tombstone I read the name.
Where here fore it will be no more.
Freedom will never again walk through our door.

It is dead forever from us not holding on to it,
Now, no time for regret.
Just good bye, with no answer, why
Freedom you have died.


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Freedom`s tombstone

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