Missing love returns

Missing Love had returned from the covid wars,
having broken the isolation bar and
sailed across the six-foot seas and masking mar.
In name missing love the same, however,
there seemed to be some burn in the frame,
a bit of emotional lame in loveís mane.
Why, whatever happened?
Missing Love was just not as bright.
Something just was not right!!
Had love lost some of its fight!
A waterfall of water works began to blur our sight.
Was Missing Love not well, or was loveís heart perhaps
going pell mell from combating the deep effects of covidís well,
and daily hearing the bs. narrative media sells?
Who would on this lying goat tie a truth bell?
Then send the lying goat and its rider to hell!!
Would the heart of missing love mend? How badly did it rend?
Only Love, could love to Missing Love send. Love being the mightiest hero of all,
was the only one who could answer the call,
and without stalling Missing Love again stands tall,
erasing the covid narrative scrawl.
At the legacy media wall the world looks on appalled,
breaking free from the medias mental maul,
the people united in the battle for freedom crawl,
shall march into victoryís hall and
there love shall remain their foundation and wall.

CI-354525329 Knight Truelove Poems