The Poets Walk

True poets navigate the seas of
collective human consciousness,
sailing the cloud beyond the cosmic denseness,
our lives syncing in the spiritual senses,
star dust flowing in a river to our hearts,
harmonic voice vibrations hitting the mark
put into rhyme by the spirit, soul and mind,
poets feel and see beyond the mass psychosis grind.

Harmonizing in the earthís magnetic streaming flow
and uploading atoms and light creating the poetic glow.
As the energies of nature and supernatural dimensions synergize,
poets mine the deep dark matter inherent in pain and suffering and death and love,
in beautiful verses energizing.
Blazing sparks of comet trail orbits lifeís eternal pages,
for us the universal souls, on our earthly pilgrimage to engage,
in the language lyrical and rhyming timing of sages,
be it love or hate, life or death, joy or sorrow,
in the battling streets or between the fiery sheets,
as they labor to birth their poetic words for all historical ages,
their inward burdens groan to atone,
sailing many tides alone, their fires shine during the poets cosmic ride.

CI-395427436 Knight Truelove Poems