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Always Deep Blue (written 7/3-7/6/2022)

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did someone try to convince you
your love was not your own
did someone try to bargain with you
and in the bargaining
flatten you
Were your senses blown

what happens
when you allow that
would you allow that

why do you feel erased
the way a side-winding tornado
erases the present and makes it past
like a foundation without a place

like the way peace of mind
leaves the body
when the cancer called grief takes hold

and what about those odd accidents
when a certain sacred synchronicity of flight
brings death to one goose
when the hunter picks the other one out of the sky
why ask why

or how the warmth of a another human being
or a cat
builds up and kindles a fire
until suddenly you're so so cold again

do you remember the story of Jamestown
before the flood that laid waste to her
the demon waters
greedily eating all

yet love still waits patiently
for you to fall

and stubbornly lingers at the precipice
and steals the petals of Spring too soon
how they settle and are scattered like
blood over the ground

why is Spring
not eternal
a fickle season
moving on with the sweet scent of delicate
flowers on a zephyr wind
everything and everyone around
feeling deflated
by the circling of cycles
and wondering when the circle
will come 'round again

within an eternity
is there time enough
and why does my heart fail to understand
how my head
craves input of your collective memory
and I cry out when there is the whispering
of the memory
of when you were here last
and how you might not be here again

This is a work in progress...based on science, real science.
legal copyright for this poem written 2/19/2022 2:45 time and date stamped
and also for this legally copy written and registered site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

re-edited for clarity and rhythm 2/21/2022 7;30 TIME AND DATE STAMPED....

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