The Black & White Poet

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refusing paper and pens
and crying in piles of dead longings
she has been on quite the whirlwind
of toil and surprise
of distress and glee

a world now covered in fog and haze
amazed at what could lie before her
so empty but so full
so pained but so blessed

curses flying around her brain
tempting her with all sorts of
sorrows and wonders
watching dreams suffocate with distress
while ones she had not known, now blossom

why must her involvements and whereabouts
be so diverse and mismatched?
unattached from reality
always torn from normalcy

inside flickers those tiny lights
of hope --
flashes of the future

not caring anymore what others think of her
or of who falsely evaluates her suffering
she knows of a better tomorrow
colored dreams
new, fresh things
waiting, impatiently, to show and tell

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