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It may be April when lights out and God takes His Bride and all meet Christ in their Home by 3rd day.

I don't have time to go into detail right at the moment dear friends but please seek the Lord now.
He has given me rhema scripture and supernatural confirmations to the darkness where
he will meet us being at Passover (the 9th plague in Egypt commoranding the Israelites
exodus. The Passover for 2022 is April 15-23. Please consider our calender is a month
behind God's so it could be May. I have many scriptures on the darkness. This is 
the time of judgment and harvest. God will meet everyone in their home. there will
be 3 day waring (cataclismic event in sky) Once this occurs we do not come out doors
until you have instructions from God himself. Antichrist and marshal law etc outside.
God is coming to  uproot the wicked and save the righteous. The Israelites had to obey 
the direction for protection. See more on prepare for 3 days of darkness. (although it may
be more days; as we call out and God said on the 2nd day He would revive us and 3rd
day restore us so we could live in His presence. 

Prepare for 3 days of Darkness