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Violence still lives

Even though a hand isn't used,
people still live with the blues.
a word here, a word there,
shows when someone doesn't care.

A dog barking at you,
doesn't mean it's love isn't true.
But so called lovers putting you down,
with that strong hatred they have found.

No black and blue marks to see,
just a soul dying is what will be.
Saying you are below them,
not as smart not like her or him.

Making you feel worthless, not wanted by anyone.
as from you all would just want to run.
Just because the think they are God,
from you don't let them rob.

You are just as great,
so, don't just wait.
It is your life,
go on do more then just fly his or hers kite.

@copyright2022georgeplattall rightsresvered.

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Violence still lives

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