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The Unseen Culprit

Childhood emotional neglect the unseen
culprit in a families nest.  Trauma's get
brushed off, ignored or banished at best

left in silence, dare not speak out, it will
only compound what is already unsound
tear stained pillows too many times to count

How is a child to manage what their forced to hold
inside?  The lack of acceptance and invalidation
received, most get chopped off into denied pieces.

No round table for such discussions, No
safe place to release all the held in tensions
No offered tools to help learn life's lessons

layer upon layer the feelings mound. Stuffed
and shoved down,.cuts like a knife but makes
no sound   Feelings of unworthiness abound,

Now an adult distrusting of love. A word without
substance, something said, but redundantly
lacked in deed. Always left feeling deceived

childhood emotional neglect the silent Killer yet
so subtle, it's hard to pin point whats not seen.
there were no bruises, no visible sign of abuses

The proof is in daily thoughts. Pay close attention
for one day to what pops up and thoughts display
How many invalidate,dismiss or are denied away?

Every thought produces an emotional response,
many feelings rise from deep inside. The ones we
hate and try to hide, in facing them we're terrified.

Seeking approval in all forms usually results in dis-
appointment, loss, hoped for outcomes that never
come to pass and nothing good  ever seems to last. 

Lack of direction, fear of making decisions, confusion
sets in. Something is off and life's no fun,and if sought
out hit a wall frozen by denied emotions and go numb.

A state of numbness not out of what happened  but what
didn't, this is the root and in time will be easy to see. Our
plight...The suppression of who we were meant to be!

The Savior we have been waiting for has be here all along,
anyone we've looked for in the past, present and possible
future is wrong. It 's the love within us where it belongs.

We are our own healer as we lovingly become parental
to the child within.to give what was never known
Love and acceptance just for being you,  bestowed. 


Joy Hardy
Feb 26,2022

P.S take an adult photo of yourself and find one of yourself as an infant or small child. 
if possible one that you have your arms around someone make a copy and replace the
person with baby/small child you. you will be surprised the effect this has. oxoxo


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The Unseen Culprit



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