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Great message on truth of the Spirit of Elijah about to rise  Passover( 3-1-22)

wow, what he speaks is TRUTH! Do you want to be empowered with the truth and the right mindset of the spirit of Elijah?
It is you for the boldness and double portion of this last-day preaching. Elijah's message is one of repentance and reconciliation.
You have as much spirit as you are willing to be empty of you. Not mentioned here is another fascinating thing; It is this spring that
the Lord is speaking that the spirit of Elijah arise. !! The church needs to wake up get off the pew and be ready for the big exodus
and the great commission amidst the darkness with boldness and courage whether martyred or make it through who cares its all
for you Yeshua the truth will be spoken in boldness with power. As we love and intercede for others. Are you ready?