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April Showers, Forever Dour

Saturday Morning Tears

The 87th Installment

Thoughts Bleed Me Dry

Ghosts of Memories

Tear Stained Monday

October 5th

Six After Shattered

Happily Ever After Never...

Heart vs. Brain

Actions Devolved

A Life Changing Realization

Residual Hell

She Tells Me...

Oh Tender Heart...

Thank You Friends, Thank You May

Do You Ever?

Each Day Without You

Each and Every Day

The Mental Fustercluck

No, You Don't Know...

Anxiously Anticipating Her Arrival

Thank You, Random Stranger

Sorrow Brings The Storms

What Lies Ahead

Unpleasant, Yet Needed

Take Today, Give Me Yesterday

Will She Answer?

Trying To Close The Distance

My First Morning Thoughts

Thank You & I'm Sorry

I Just Wanted To Tell You...

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