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Jesus had no smart phone....

Has it dawned on you yet
That Jesus didn't have a smart phone
In Jerusalem nor Buddha an app
About enlightenment?

If the power goes out, you will be alone
-no phone, no apps, no help available,
Unless you are grounded in the earth and
The sky and the beauty and brutality of reality.

Electricity is not the high priest of what is real.
Breath and water, sunlight and food-
Take a walk without your phone
--And come home

Sometimes, when I am alone in the woods,
I will hear a small voice say “Be still.”
I will stand perfectly still like the trees.
My feet rooted in the earth-
My head –branches in the sun and rain.
I will start to think how wonderful this is-
--“We said be still.”

Like a tree with legs,
I walk back to my world
Where the storm still rages.