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Darkling Words

Darkness bleeds across the land
As setting sun quenches burning sand.
Gentle sigh of whispering wind;
Across the land its coolness sends.

Ever so slowly creatures begin to awaken,
Reclaiming the life which from them was taken.
Sweltering heat and stale desert air
Give way to what awaited there.

That which sheltered from the light of day
From blessed darkness creeps forth to slay.
Once they walked among the living,
Receiving gifts, their promises giving.

Now their souls in bondage, they must repay
Three score and more the vows they did say.
They issue forth, seeking manflesh feast,
For only thus may they be released.

"Life for life", their rotted lips chant,
Longing to break their vows, knowing they can't.
Their own lives were extended, now others must pay
For darkling words they uttered that day.

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Darkling Words