Make Amerikkka Great Again

Habib Abu Lateef
© 2022

In the north and south black people were routinely lynched buy white mobs. Dressed in suits and ties and party dresses. Posting public announcements and invitations to attend. Encouraging all to bring along the family and children. Food could be purchased but picnicking areas with grills and seating would always be available. Just pack your favorite dish and come out and enjoy. Burning black folks ensured that there would be a Hot Time in The Old Town Tonight. Today in the belly of this ameriKKKan beast lynchings are done judiciously in Kruel Kangaroo Kourts and at gun point. One example out of many thousand is one that occurred in September 1919 un Nebraska. Will Brown the 40-year-old Man who was accused of raping a 19-year-old white girl who clearly said he was not the perpetrator. Just one horror story out of thousands. I don't make this stuff up © 14 hours ago    racist • recreational • pursuits • in • amerikkka   

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